Going Global

It’s not simply enough to want to sell your products internationally; you need to be prepared and planned for such a new venture. Here are some tips to help determine if you’re ready to go global.

Plan, plan, plan!Paris France

Many people would prefer to avoid putting a fully fledged business plan together and resort to notes on the back of a cornflake packet or a mental tick list. In some cases this may be understandable, but not if you are looking to venture into new markets, especially if those new markets are overseas.

Here a well researched plan is essential. It will rubberstamp any of your assumptions and guide you through some of the essential processes and stages of engaging in an international market, not to mention saving you a lot of headaches and cash.

When looking to trade abroad, knowledge and partnerships are key. Below is a 3 point plan to starting a global business.


Step 1 –  Get your ideas on paper and do some basic research – including checking out tenders and calls from overseas companies looking for contacts in the UK.

Step 2 –  Review the tops tips, FAQ’s and tender calls on the links below and develop your plan for “routes” to market and suppliers.

Step 3 –  Contact the Enterprise Europe Network Team to review your plans.


For guidance on finding customers and suppliers abroad and to contact the Enterprise Europe Network Team click here.

For guidance on documentation, international rules and tariffs click here.

For Top Tips & FAQ’s on Importing click here, and Exporting click here.