Being an Eco business

For those serious about business and the environment or for entrepreneurs looking to start, deal with and supply eco based organisations, then check out the Chamber’s Eco-Network.Eco Friendly

A key to business success is networking. Green businesses can make the most of making the right contacts by signing up to the Eco-Network to tap into Eco-Chain – A directory of environmental companies and suppliers that covers everyone from renewable energy installers to waste management services and everything in between.

Also check out Eco-Stars. Real world stories of green improvements which have been made and which are planned by businesses. Listed are diverse activities ranging from solar PV to carbon footprint reduction and horticulture.

For events, briefings and support visit Eco-Network and register for the free e-mail update service.

Join the 2,500 people who subscribe to the newsletters or be one of the 3,000+ people who have attended specialist events and training since 2009.

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