Raising funds for your business

Most businesses need start-up capital.Piggy bank

If you need some capital to start your business, then the bad news is there is no universal grant for launching in business. Most people save up and use their own savings, borrow from relatives or borrow from the bank.

But there are a number of regulated organisations that offer entrepreneurs start-up loans.

These companies operate special funds with preferential rates specifically arranged for new businesses.

To borrow from any kind of lender, you will need a business plan. It needs to be clear and well thought out to convince the lender that your business can work.

If you need help to create a business plan or to raise funds, then contact us for some free help and guidance. We also have a simple loan repayment calculator on our free resources page amongst other useful documents.

In the meantime why not sit down with a cuppa and a digestive and start jotting down a few notes; feel free and use our starter for 10 template.

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