Keeping your business legal

HMRC has created a straightforward guide to registering as self-employed and how to manage your finances. It takes less than an hour to go through the short online course with no need to register. Click here to start.

The beauty of this course is that you can do it at your own pace and it’s interactive. This will help you, as a self-employed person, stay on the right track with HMRC and save yourself time and money.

The course covers areas such as:

  • What you must do when you start your own business
  • Your legal requirement to advise various authorities
  • The time limits you have to do this
  • How to register your self-employment using HRMC online
  • Communicating electronically with HMRC and creating an online account
  • What records you need to keep
  • What expenditure you can claim against your business receipts
  • How to register for VAT
  • Taking on employees
  • Some early thoughts on planning ahead and retirement
  • Websites where you can get help and access more detailed information


The HMRC also has a number of useful video guides to help you start and manage your business. These can be found on their official YouTube channel.

But if you would rather chat things through with one of our independent advisers then register on our free course and then make an appointment for a one to one meeting. Click here to view our free start up courses. Or ring 01274 206656 to book a place.

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