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So you’ve got a great business idea but not sure what to do next?

The Start & Grow programme is here to support you!

The Start & Grow programme provides a range of pre and post start support to individuals who have aspirations to start a business and the capability to make the business a success.

This new programme is available to those looking to start a business, that will require start-up funding to get it off the ground and expects to employ people from the early stages.

The support provided through Start & Grow is tailored to the individual needs of the owner and business idea, but will include one to one support and advice, sourced workshops and training, mentoring and help finding funding.


What you could receive:

  • One-to-one advice and guidance from an adviser who will review your business ideas and help you formulate your next steps.
  • a personalised support leading to the development of a robust business plan.
  • Dedicated support in an application for external funding.
  • On-going support after business start-up.


You are eligible if:

  • The main trading address or home address of one of the owners falls within an approved local authority area.
  • The business owner/owners will be be fully engaged in the business.
  • The business owner/owners expect to be trading three years after the business begins training.
  • The business will create at least one additional job.
  • The business is expected to benefit from start-up investment – either personal equity or a loan/grant.


If you are about to launch a business then contact the Start & Grow team to see what we can do for you!


T: 01274 772777

Do the numbers stack up? Click here for a cash flow template.

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