Top Tips: Exporting

 Key steps and issues you need to have covered to ensure successful exporting


1. Research your Market

  • What’s your Unique Selling Point – USP and will it translate to this new market place?
  • Does your product or service meet all foreign standards and regulations?
  • Are there any lessons to be learned from the existing market leaders?





2. Export strategy

  • What’s your strategy and why are you actually looking to sell abroad?
  • Have you secured your home market first?
  • Are you geared up to supply your overseas customer?
  • Are your planning business to business sales or business to consumer?
  • Direct sales or agent, local distribution or UK dispatch?

3. Advertising and promotion

  • What’s your plan for getting yourself known?– trade fair, adverts, PR and press.
  • What’s your budget? And is it big enough?
  • Do you know the local customs and trends and does your literature translate?

4. Rules & Regulations

  • Have you sorted your documents, taxes and tariffs?
  • Do your products measure up to overseas regulations?

5. Cash flow & Credit – Getting paid on time.

  • Can your cash flow can take the strain, are you able to cope with extended payment terms?
  • Have you sorted a line of credit?
  • How are you going to handle foreign transactions?

6. Packaging & Transport

  • What’s the cost of transport, postage and packaging?
  • Will your packaging stand up to international regulations and the rigours of transport and handling.
  • Are your goods insured?

7. Keeping in touch, repeat business and after-sales.

  • What’s your policy for keeping in touch with customers, export agents and suppliers?
  • When’s the best time to promote new products and supply all customer types?
  • Will overseas events or trends influence and effect, transport, payments, product launch or supply?
  • What’s your policy on returns and defective goods?


If done right your business plan will have addressed these issues and your research will have helped indicate if there is:-

  1. A market for your product
  2. An efficient route to market
  3. A profit to be made.

More especially a benefit in Going Global and doing business abroad.

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