Top Tips for Exporters

Know your customers!

  1. Make sure you know your overseas customers – their markets, their customers and their culture.
  2. Get to know who they sell their products to and how.
  3. Know their deadlines and customer trends.


Remember to check out their statutory holidays and saints days. Saturday and Sunday are not weekends everywhere.

More importantly know their culture – good manners in the UK may not be same everywhere, equally relaxed approaches in the UK may not be common practice abroad. Especially when addressing your buyers.

In many countries provenance and personal relationships can count for more than a slightly lower price. So if you are looking for a long term relationship – make a visit – human contact is best.

Although it is tempting to pursue business in multiple foreign territories always be sure to understand your first overseas market fully before heading on to others. Because “one size doesn’t always fit all” and a secure established market is a happy market


Most of all don’t forget “they” are the customer so fit in with their timelines not yours – organise your production plans to have the goods ready – remember you are selling to them they are not buying from you.


And polish your shoes – to find out why and gain more insights into trading abroad take a look at our Going Global page.

Written on 24th February 2016Victoria Majkowski
Published in Tea & Top Tips
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